Chakra Uttejan

Chakras can be described as wheels of spinning light energy that exist within us.
It is through the chakras that our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives are connected.

Chakra Uttejan is a method of achieving clarity through the activation, alignment and balancing of our energy centers. This is a must to learn TODAY, knowledge for the COMMON MAN !!!

The everyday stresses of modern life create imbalances in our chakra system.
Stress, poor eating habits, anxiety, depression, emotional setbacks, disappointments, anger, hostility and denial, creates huge distortion on our chakra system

Chakra Uttejan can be used to identify and clear up emotional, mental and spiritual blockages that occur as a result of guilt, self-hatred, jealously, shame, low self esteem and distrust.

People find an immediate relief in their common day today issues like head ace, joint pains, acidity, frustration, depression, anger…..and even financial issues.

This process will set you on a path to spiritual health and well-being. After doing chakra work people have a new found desire to stop putting bad things into their minds & bodies and soon after they become more spiritually aware and attuned

Chakra Uttejan is necessary for anyone who desires to do spiritual work and divination.

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